How to download Android for Iphone

How to download Android for Iphone

Imagine having Android on your terminal iphone, tired of a limited operating system, where you can not freely share documents, photos, etc. You can now download Android for Iphone, where goes enjoy all the advantages that the Android operating systems brings you, without having to change your mobile device.


Here I bring you the solution, download android for iphone. Exists in the updated a project called iDroid, that allows using our old devices of Apple with the system operating Android, making reality this of having Android in our device Apple.

The process for download android for iphone, is easy, but can be risky, fits emphasize that only serves for devices old, from iphone 3 until iphone 4s, also include them devices of ipod touch of all the generations.

Again, the process can be risky, leaving waste our Apple device, so everything is under your own responsibility, the iDroid project, is still in a Beta phase, so it has a lot to work.

To download android to iphone, iDroid has certain requirements:

  1. Your Apple device has to be with “Jalbrike”.
  2. Accept them “Jalbrike” only of Redsn0w, PwnageTool or Blackra1n.
  3. Only addition is oriented for iPhone 2 G, 3 G or iPod Touch 1 G with iOS 3.1.2 up to 4.2.1 excluding the rest of models and versions of its support by now.

To install iDroid:

  1. We just need the Bootlace, you can download it from the ‘BigBoss’ repository.
  2. Also is used Openiboot, that is some tools open source of iBoot, being essential for to perform the process of iDroid.

We remind that the iDroid to install on our device iphone, the camera cannot be used, you will need internet access for the process, for the unloading of packages.

This ended the explanation how to download android to iphone, greetings and up to another new tutorial.

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