Current news from Play Store

Google Play Store is the platform that serves as a tool for finding and installing apps and games on the Android format. Its operation is very similar to a virtual store and what they offer are free as per costs both applications. Initially, for the year 2008, called Android Market, but in view of its association with Google in 2012, it was renamed Play Store. Meet the current news of Play Store.

Play Store innovating in 2017

Any Android device has the Play Store application, and it is that without it you can download easily applications of interest. The application market that offers this platform every time gets bigger with the benefit of that diarimanente is updated and you can see the current news of Play Store. For this year, the application has a new version in which we can perceive some changes intended in the end user.

Many times it could be cumbersome search for applications that we have installed and updates information, for her this new version enables rapid access to the applications that we already have on our phone or tablet. Another Play Store, current news is the acquisition of support for 4 K content, so you can rent or buy films and TV from this application series.

Likewise, now this application shows the space occupied in the memory of updates to applications that we already have. In addition, interaction with users has been part of the changes this year, where now the users can indicate if they are in agreement or not with the comments from other people. So take a chance and try the latest version of Play Store.

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