Download Play Store free by Airdroid

Play Store Download Free by Airdroid

This new method to download any apk Android of any device, as we all know the importance of Play Store for download and support of multiple applications, and games have made indispensable use of Play Store, many of us have problems with the Play Store, others don’t have it installed on your device, this method will help us to Play Store download free APK for any other device.

Let me clarify that this method “not only serves to Play Store” but we can download any apk system device and install it in another.

Now for Play Store download free, we have to follow and the following steps.

  1. have a separate device having Play Store (Primordial).
  2. install the Airdroid application from the Play Store.

We will explain in detail how to Play Store download free of other devices and install it in another.

We recommend that the application of Play Store must be updated to the latest version.

Given these recommendations we will detail the steps to Play Store download free.

We entered the Play Store and look for “Airdroid”

play store (4)

Download and install “Airdroid”

play store (5)

After this we entered “Airdroid” page then Play Store download free.


We entered in our browser to the address

Now from your mobile device, click the QR code and we will be activated our android device’s camera.

play store (1)

Now we return to our browser’s “Airdroid” and scan the QR code that appears on the screen.

play store (3)

Then is the “Start session” on our android device

play store (2)

Then in our browser, we are going to the APP icon in this you can Play Store download free


Once inside “Apps”, go to the tab “System” in the search box type “Google Play Store” and give click the magnifying glass.

Now we can finally Play Store download free by clicking on the icon “Download”


This will show us the download then install the Apk, on our device that does not have it installed.

I hope that this method to serve for Play Store download free, also can download all them. APK of the system of said device.

Until a new method to get Play Store download free. Best regards

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