Download Play Store For Blackberry

You have a team mobile Blackberry, you would like to install apps Android? All know that Android is one of them systems operating of phones mobile more used, with thousands of applications in your shop known as “Play Store”, in this article you will teach as Download Play Store for Blackberry and enjoy of all the benefits of this system operating.

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After downloading Play Store For Blackberry, we’ll teach you step by step the proper Play store installation for Blackberry and not die in the attempt.

Is you recalls that for the operation of Play Store for Blackberry
you must count with a mail Gmail, this mail store your information as contacts, applications and backups of your files, is one of them large benefits that gives Android to its users.

We remind you that we are not responsible for the use of this guide “Download Play Store For Blackberry” for your Blackberry phone.

The files needed for the installation of this guide are at the end of the article.

How Download Play Store For Blackberry?

Now explain as having Google Play Store in the system operating Blackberry, it first that is need is have 3 files APK, necessary for install Play Store for Blackberry, these files after be downloads must be in the memory of our Blackberry, which proceed to install one by one.

Download Play Store For Blackberry

One file called “Google Account Manager”, this first is installed, then install on our Blackberry the file “Google Play Store”.

Download Play Store For BlackberryDownload Play Store For Blackberry

After install the 2 files earlier, proceed to install the third file one of them more important to run Play Store for Blackberry, called “Blackberry Google ID”.

Finalizing the installation of the three files that will run Play Store For Blackberrry, we opened the ‘ Blackberry Google ID ‘ application, we entered our Gmail account, preferably create it from your computer.

Download Play Store For Blackberry

“Blackberry Google ID”, us generate a code, proceed to run the Play Store for Blackberry, “Google Account Manager” is run automatically, entered again our features of Gmail.

Download Play Store For Blackberry

Finally we have installed in our Play Store For Blackberry terminal.

Download Play Store For Blackberry

I leave here the downloads to install Play Store for Blackberry: /

Note: This tutorial was tested on a terminal Blackberry Z10

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