Common mistakes in Play Store

Every day we receive more questions to our email, asking for different errors that shows the application of Play Store, on several topics we have explained in detail the installation of Play Store correctly.

If you don’t know how to download the. We invite Play Store APK to search in our blog topics related to it.

Boss who for a good installation need to be user replayed to avoid problems.

We are going to clear doubts about the mistakes that we have to install Play Store.

Play Store close error.

This error is common, usually happens when Play Store application does not form part of the system, to move the application of Play Store, check our blog where we explain how to turn on application of system with the help of the Link2SD application, I repeat that to do this it needs to be “root user” on our mobile phone.

Play Store appears blank.

Often happens when we entered the Play Store application it becomes completely white, without be able to access properly the Android app store.

It often happens for two reasons, the first on our android device we do not have the application of “Google Play Services”, this application is a complement to work properly the android app store.

The second motive often happens when we don’t have the updated version of Play Store, so demos using any of the methods explained in our blog, using the Aptoide repository or downloading the APK’s Play Store with the Airdroid application.

Recommend download plug-in “Goople Play Games” to prevent problems when you run games downloaded Play Store, since this allows us a greater fidelity when playing, also keeps items, many developers use this add-on.

Use a custom room and not I install Play Store.

This is a new question, in case you changed the factory room by a personalized and you did not install the Gapps, you might not have the Gapps for the version of your room, since in no way you can install directly through “Google Play Store”. APK, since displays error leaving obsolete Play Store operation.

The solution is simple to search the correct Gapps for the version of your room, in some pages have since the basic Gapps, until the full, it is recommended to install according to the processor of your mobile phone to improve fluency.

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