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The software giant Google made the creation of Android touch phone, based on the Linux kernel, Android is very popular being one of the operating systems most commonly used in mobile phones and other devices.

Play Store Download Free

Android is composed of an endless number of applications that can be found in the Play Store formerly known as “Market Place”, is managed and updated by Google, the users make use of your Gmail account to sync their devices.

Users from “Google Play Store” I can install games, magazines, books and many uses it has for your mobile device. It should be recalled that most applications are free of charge but there are pay applications that can be purchased through credit cards.

My android device doesn’t have the Google Store Play? There are many ways to Play Store Download Free, on this site we will show you as and where to download the APK and instructions to install free Play Store the right way and do not suffer in the attempt.

Note that you can download Google Play Store. APK free from various sites, some of them may bring some malaware which bring you problems, so you run at your own risk.

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Common mistakes in Play Store

Every day we receive more questions to our email, asking for different errors that shows the application of Play Store, on several topics we have explained in detail the installation of Play Store correctly.

If you don’t know how to download the. We invite Play Store APK to search in our blog topics related to it.

Boss who for a good installation need to be user replayed to avoid problems.

We are going to clear doubts about the mistakes that we have to install Play Store.

Play Store close error.

This error is common, usually happens when Play Store application does not form part of the system, to move the application of Play Store, check our blog where we explain how to turn on application of system with the help of the Link2SD application, I repeat that to do this it needs to be “root user” on our mobile phone.

Play Store appears blank.

Often happens when we entered the Play Store application it becomes completely white, without be able to access properly the Android app store.

It often happens for two reasons, the first on our android device we do not have the application of “Google Play Services”, this application is a complement to work properly the android app store.

The second motive often happens when we don’t have the updated version of Play Store, so demos using any of the methods explained in our blog, using the Aptoide repository or downloading the APK’s Play Store with the Airdroid application.

Recommend download plug-in “Goople Play Games” to prevent problems when you run games downloaded Play Store, since this allows us a greater fidelity when playing, also keeps items, many developers use this add-on.

Use a custom room and not I install Play Store.

This is a new question, in case you changed the factory room by a personalized and you did not install the Gapps, you might not have the Gapps for the version of your room, since in no way you can install directly through “Google Play Store”. APK, since displays error leaving obsolete Play Store operation.

The solution is simple to search the correct Gapps for the version of your room, in some pages have since the basic Gapps, until the full, it is recommended to install according to the processor of your mobile phone to improve fluency.


Download Play Store For Blackberry

You have a team mobile Blackberry, you would like to install apps Android? All know that Android is one of them systems operating of phones mobile more used, with thousands of applications in your shop known as “Play Store”, in this article you will teach as Download Play Store for Blackberry and enjoy of all the benefits of this system operating.

Logo Android

After downloading Play Store For Blackberry, we’ll teach you step by step the proper Play store installation for Blackberry and not die in the attempt.

Is you recalls that for the operation of Play Store for Blackberry
you must count with a mail Gmail, this mail store your information as contacts, applications and backups of your files, is one of them large benefits that gives Android to its users.

We remind you that we are not responsible for the use of this guide “Download Play Store For Blackberry” for your Blackberry phone.

The files needed for the installation of this guide are at the end of the article.

How Download Play Store For Blackberry?

Now explain as having Google Play Store in the system operating Blackberry, it first that is need is have 3 files APK, necessary for install Play Store for Blackberry, these files after be downloads must be in the memory of our Blackberry, which proceed to install one by one.

Download Play Store For Blackberry

One file called “Google Account Manager”, this first is installed, then install on our Blackberry the file “Google Play Store”.

Download Play Store For BlackberryDownload Play Store For Blackberry

After install the 2 files earlier, proceed to install the third file one of them more important to run Play Store for Blackberry, called “Blackberry Google ID”.

Finalizing the installation of the three files that will run Play Store For Blackberrry, we opened the ‘ Blackberry Google ID ‘ application, we entered our Gmail account, preferably create it from your computer.

Download Play Store For Blackberry

“Blackberry Google ID”, us generate a code, proceed to run the Play Store for Blackberry, “Google Account Manager” is run automatically, entered again our features of Gmail.

Download Play Store For Blackberry

Finally we have installed in our Play Store For Blackberry terminal.

Download Play Store For Blackberry

I leave here the downloads to install Play Store for Blackberry: /

Note: This tutorial was tested on a terminal Blackberry Z10


How to download Android for Iphone

How to download Android for Iphone

Imagine having Android on your terminal iphone, tired of a limited operating system, where you can not freely share documents, photos, etc. You can now download Android for Iphone, where goes enjoy all the advantages that the Android operating systems brings you, without having to change your mobile device.


Here I bring you the solution, download android for iphone. Exists in the updated a project called iDroid, that allows using our old devices of Apple with the system operating Android, making reality this of having Android in our device Apple.

The process for download android for iphone, is easy, but can be risky, fits emphasize that only serves for devices old, from iphone 3 until iphone 4s, also include them devices of ipod touch of all the generations.

Again, the process can be risky, leaving waste our Apple device, so everything is under your own responsibility, the iDroid project, is still in a Beta phase, so it has a lot to work.

To download android to iphone, iDroid has certain requirements:

  1. Your Apple device has to be with “Jalbrike”.
  2. Accept them “Jalbrike” only of Redsn0w, PwnageTool or Blackra1n.
  3. Only addition is oriented for iPhone 2 G, 3 G or iPod Touch 1 G with iOS 3.1.2 up to 4.2.1 excluding the rest of models and versions of its support by now.

To install iDroid:

  1. We just need the Bootlace, you can download it from the ‘BigBoss’ repository.
  2. Also is used Openiboot, that is some tools open source of iBoot, being essential for to perform the process of iDroid.

We remind that the iDroid to install on our device iphone, the camera cannot be used, you will need internet access for the process, for the unloading of packages.

This ended the explanation how to download android to iphone, greetings and up to another new tutorial.


How to Install and Download Play Store Free for PC

Smartphone users use the Android OS, which is based in the language most insurance which is Linux, leveraging the architecture giant technology Google, us offers Android, both for mobile phones, tablets, televisions, stereos, automobile equipment, certainly Android is invading devices due to its ease of interaction with the user.

Undoubtedly the most important feature of Android is the installation of various applications that you can install, from a recreational game to an application that displays the time.
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Download Play Store free by Airdroid

Play Store Download Free by Airdroid

This new method to download any apk Android of any device, as we all know the importance of Play Store for download and support of multiple applications, and games have made indispensable use of Play Store, many of us have problems with the Play Store, others don’t have it installed on your device, this method will help us to Play Store download free APK for any other device.

Let me clarify that this method “not only serves to Play Store” but we can download any apk system device and install it in another.

Now for Play Store download free, we have to follow and the following steps.

  1. have a separate device having Play Store (Primordial).
  2. install the Airdroid application from the Play Store.

We will explain in detail how to Play Store download free of other devices and install it in another.

We recommend that the application of Play Store must be updated to the latest version.

Given these recommendations we will detail the steps to Play Store download free.

We entered the Play Store and look for “Airdroid”

play store (4)

Download and install “Airdroid”

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